Hi everyone and thank you for opening my blog! I am going to be in Uganda for the next six months so thought I could use this as a space to share some of my experiences and reflections while I am here.

I thought it would be good to first tell you a bit about me…..I am in my 30s and usually live in Newcastle, UK. I am a doctor training in palliative care, about a year and a half off becoming a consultant. I have been granted six months out of my training to volunteer in Uganda with Cairdeas International Palliative Care Trust. They are a charity working to promote and facilitate providing high quality palliative care in low and middle income countries where this care is currently limited. From March to August 2022, I will be working as a Clinical Lecturer in Kampala so will be supporting the clinical team who provide palliative care in the government hospitals here, preparing and doing teaching with medical students and junior doctors, and any other help the team needs!

So you can put a face to the name, this is me on an adventure in the UK earlier this year!

Outside of work, I love food, exploring new places, meeting and chatting to people, and keeping fit (but am not sporty…)! My faith is an important part of my life so I’ll hopefully find a Church to attend while I’m in Kampala too. I hope I can use this blog to share some of my experiences here, the things I learn from working and living in a new country and let you see a little of what life is like here. A junior doctor Kath will be coming out to Uganda at the same time as me for four months, so she’ll probably feature in the blog to (with her permission)!

Time to get started……

2 responses to “Introduction”

  1. Great blogging start dear Kate! I look forward to your coming posts about life there, proud of you! God bless you in your sharing of this awesome adventure! Xxx


  2. Well done Kate on starting your blog. Will enjoy reading about your experiences and hope all goes well for you x


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